Your life can be prolonged by 11 minutes of daily exercise.

Although we aspire to include exercise in our daily routine, our "busy" schedules often make it difficult to do so.

The risk of premature death can be significantly reduced by as much as 11 minutes of daily moderate exercise, as indicated by a recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

The study says that one in 10 premature deaths might be averted if everyone does moderate exercise like walking and cycling, for 75 minutes per week.

Examples of vigorous intensity exercises are activities that make it challenging to hold a conversation, including hiking, jogging, running, fast swimming, and aerobics.

The recent study indicates that individuals who engage in 150 minutes of moderate and vigorous aerobic activity each week are 31% less likely to die than those who are inactive.

Additionally, they have a 29% decreased risk of death due to cardiovascular disease and a 15% decreased risk of death from cancer.

Engaging in this level of physical activity can also decrease the chances of developing cardiovascular disease by 27% and cancer by 12%. If individuals were to exercise for 150 minutes per week, it could potentially prevent all premature deaths.

For certain cancers such as myeloid leukemia, myeloma, and certain types of stomach cancers, the risk can be lowered by up to 26%.

The study indicates that incorporating just a few minutes of exercise into our daily routine can yield significant health benefits. However, the epidemiologist cautions that 11 minutes should not be regarded as a set minimum or maximum daily target.

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