Victor Wembanyama’s trainer on his physical & mental toughness

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Yahoo Sports NBA Draft Analyst Krysten Peek is joined by Kevin Danna, who calls Victor Wembanyama’s games in France, and Tim Martin, one of Victor’s trainers, to learn more about the potential #1 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft.

This episode of On the Clock with Krysten Peek is all about the presumptive #1 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft: Victor Wembanyama.

1:10 – First, KP chats with Kevin Danna, who was hired to call Victor’s games in France from his home in California for the NBA app. The NBA purchased the rights to the French league’s games strictly to make Victor’s games more accessible for the American audience, which says a lot about how global the sport is becoming and how little we used to know about international players entering the draft.

Kevin talks a lot about how much Victor cares about winning, playing, and his teammates. He also tells us about his favorite Wemby highlights and some of the players on the same team that are now on the radar of NBA GMs heading into the draft that otherwise would not have gotten noticed.

30:30 – We’re then joined by Tim Martin, who has been working as Wembanyama’s trainer since early 2020 and has seen a gangly 15 year old kid grow into a 19 year old basketball phenom that seems ready to take the NBA by storm.

With Victor being maybe the most hyped prospect in NBA history, Tim and Krysten talk a lot about the pressure that is being put on him and why he has the right mentality to overcome it rather than being buried by it.

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