US intelligence does not doubt Putin’s claims that nuclear weapons are already in Belarus

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has “no reason to doubt” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement that Russian nuclear weapons are already in Belarus.

Source: CNN; European Pravda

Details: DIA officials told a group of reporters on Friday that analysts had “no reason to doubt” Putin’s claims about the transfer of the first batch of tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus. They did not specify what this confidence was based on.

DIA officials have also acknowledged that it is not easy for US intelligence services to track the location of Russian nuclear weapons, even with existing capabilities.

Earlier in July, Western officials told CNN it did not appear that Belarus was finished preparing the necessary storage sites and available satellite images showed no signs of preparing standard security measures for Russian nuclear facilities.

However, other sources told CNN that there are still Soviet-era facilities in Belarus that could house such weapons.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said last week when asked about Russia’s deployment of nuclear weapons in Belarus that he “sees signs of progress” and noted that Putin “doesn’t always lie”.


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