Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence Chief explains why he talks about his agents in Putin’s entourage

Kyrylo Budanov, Chief of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine (DIU), has explained that information about Ukrainian agents in Vladimir Putin’s inner circle paralyses Russian authorities’ work.

Source: Budanov in an interview with the Bulgarian TV channel bTV

Details: Budanov explains that Putin is aware that the DIU has access to classified information.

However, when the DIU “states this obvious fact”, Russia launches internal checks that “will not change anything”. Ukraine benefits from this.

Quote from Budanov: “Firstly, they realise we still have our sources. Information has always been a weapon – let them check, let them search…

I have an example. It was before the war… There was one case when they realised there was a leak in the team. What did they do? They started checking absolutely everyone…

They started checking everyone with relatives, contacts, and friends in Ukraine. As you can guess, almost everyone has them. Based on the results of this case alone, they imprisoned three people, and 31 people were fired and transferred to other places.

A good percentage of people have also come under some pressure, which means they paralysed their own work.”

Background: Budanov said there were agents in Putin’s entourage collaborating with the DIU.

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