Ukraine’s arms manufacturers have quadrupled, budget to triple, producing own version of Shahed UAVs

Since the spring of 2023, the number of Ukrainian companies producing weapons has quadrupled, Strategic Industries Minister Alexander Kamyshyn told the audience at NV’s ‘Formula for Ukraine’s Success’ event on Nov. 11.

He was responding to a question from NV project editor-in-chief Vitaliy Sych about whether Ukraine has achieved mass production of UAVs and long-range missiles.

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“If you had come out with money six or nine months ago and tried to buy a Ukrainian-made UAV, you would have had more money than the food producers,” he said.

“In the spring, there were no more than 50 companies that could produce something that could fly, drive, and swim in series,” Kamyshin explained.

“Today, there are more than 200 such companies, and these companies are already producing… this year’s procurement budget for Ukrainian-made products is about $1 billion. Next year, it will be three times as much. This is all Ukrainian production.”

Most of the FPV drones present at the front are Ukrainian-made.

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“Do we have counterparts to the Shaheds?” the minister added.

“Yes. There is an equivalent to the Shahed 136, and it is being produced, and you can see it being used. We just never announce that it is a Ukrainian manufacturer, a brand, a factory, and so on. This is a security issue.”

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