Twickenham veteran runs ultra-marathon through Tanzania

Tricia Sinclair

Tricia Sinclair hopes to raise £30,000 for charity

A British veteran celebrates her 37th birthday by running an ultra-marathon through Tanzania.

Tricia Sinclair, from Twickenham, is raising money to help other veterans overcome the ‘petrifying’ hurdle of reintegrating into civilian life.

She watched the Ultra X Tanzania, a five-day race that traverses Mount Kilimanjaro, on Monday.

“I want to inspire others to really challenge their mental resilience,” she said.

Ms Sinclair was in the military for 14 years between 2008 and 2022 and served on five operational tours.

She now works as a fitness director for the charity REORG, which helps rehabilitate veterans, military, and emergency service personnel through functional fitness and jiu-jitsu.

She hopes to raise £30,000 from the ultra-marathon to enable 100 people to follow the charity’s fitness programme.

Ms Sinclair is due to run 155 miles (250km) during the challenge, including the 3,700m ascent of Kilimanjaro.

She will use a GoPro to capture “the bits where I really fight and dig really deep.”

“If there are times when I cry because I don’t want to take another step, that’s what I would like to capture,” she said.

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