Tom Cruise lobbied studios for SAG-AFTRA stunts and AI jobs (exclusive)

How important is the issue of AI to SAG-AFTRA members? Important enough that Tom Cruise zoomed into a bargaining session in June to urge the Alliance of Film and Television Producers to hear the guild’s concerns on the matter, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

It wasn’t the Impossible mission only concern of the star. He also wanted to urge the AMPTP to support the guild’s position on stunt performers.

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Cruise also had a few words for SAG-AFTRA representatives regarding the delicate state of movie theaters post-pandemic.

SAG-AFTRA sometimes brings in performers in negotiation sessions to discuss issues in which they have expertise. Any member can request to take part in a trading session and the guild can assess the value of their participation. Apparently, the guild concluded that Cruise’s point of view was valid. It is understood that no other star of his caliber took part in the negotiations in this capacity.

SAG-AFTRA had a handful of proposals on the table regarding professional stunt performers, including stunt coordinators and stunt performers, who the 160,000-strong union represents. The union also sought to put in place more safeguards on the use of generative AI in entertainment during its 2023 discussions with studios and streamers, focusing on the guarantee that performers give. their consent and are compensated appropriately when their performance is ingested into the technology.

Of course, despite Cruise’s participation in the talks, after about five weeks the performers’ union and the AMPTP failed to reach an agreement before the union’s package of film and television contracts expired Wednesday night. Beginning July 14, artists began picketing studios and headquarters in New York and Los Angeles and holding back their work, which subsequently halted and delayed productions, including mission impossible 8.

In addition to lobbying studios and streamers on behalf of SAG-AFTRA, Cruise reportedly asked the union to consider allowing actors to promote films during a strike given the fragile state of theaters and theaters. remind his union that promotion also counts for actors. . It was “uncomfortable”, says a source present.

SAG-AFTRA’s current strike rules maintain that publicity, including “covenants, interviews, touring, or promotion via social media of any striking work or business” is expressly prohibited during the work stoppage.

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