The Pac-12 has crumbled

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Dan Wetzel & SI’s Pat Forde react to the news that the Big Ten will be adding the University of Oregon and University of Washington.

The hammer finally dropped on the Pac-12 as their two remaining headliners, Oregon and Washington have been approved to join the Big Ten. The guys break down the timeline that led to the formal realignment decision. After a rollercoaster of options and ideas, the final push to keep the Pac-12 together ultimately failed, and Dan & Pat are bewildered by how quickly the decision to add Oregon and Washington actually came to fruition.

Later, the guys share their winners and losers following the big decision. Oregon is the first school under the magnifying glass, as they have a harder route to the playoff now, but their strong brand could keep them relevant in the new 18-team conference. Not much changes for the Big Ten operationally, but the newcomers are hoping to avoid being the next Nebraska.

The Big 12 looks to be a big winner during this summer’s realignment. The conference, that was written off 2 years ago, now has a pending addition in the University of Arizona and is expected to make an attempt to acquire Arizona State and Utah as well.

The show also analyzes where Oregon State, Washington State, Cal, & Stanford go from here. These odd schools out have a few options, such as joining the Mountain West Conference, going independent, or even moving down to Division 1-AA.

Lastly, the guys remark that the SEC has seemed very quiet during this week’s monumental shakeup and the conference is perhaps aiming to keep it that way until other big schools are ready to join.

1:00 Oregon and Washington are headed to the Big Ten

20:33 Realignment winners and losers

29:16 Will the Big 12 end up getting Arizona, Arizona State & Utah?

35:45 What do Washington State and Oregon State do from here?

41:00 What does Stanford do?

45:10 Cal may be in a worse position than Stanford

48:00 The SEC seems very content

50:45 A river otter attacked tubers in Montana

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Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti speaks at Big Ten media days
Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

Big Ten commissioner Tony Petitti speaks at Big Ten media days Robert Goddin-USA TODAY Sports

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