Second arrest made in Broward child abuse case after police discover 3 unsecured firearms

The Miramar Police Department made a second arrest in a child abuse case after three guns were found in a basket of dirty clothes, under a mattress and inside a bag at the children’s home. children.

Daphne Sharray Brownlee was arrested on Sunday and charged with four counts of child neglect without bodily harm. The 39-year-old remained behind bars at the Paul Rein Detention Center on Tuesday morning on $10,000 bond.

This follows the arrest in March of Ellon Shawn Clarke, Brownlee’s boyfriend, after police accused him of hitting one of his stepchildren with a stick and rock above of a missing handgun. The 43-year-old man, who was charged with child abuse and aggravated neglect, is still being held at Broward County Main Jail.

Information about their lawyer was not available Tuesday morning.

According to Brownlee and Clarke’s arrest reports, police first learned of the child abuse allegations on March 19 after the father of two of the children told officers that the children’s stepfather had beaten after accusing them of stealing his firearm. The police did not reveal the children’s ages or the name of their father.

One of the children told his father that Clarke chased him into the house and hit him with a stick. After the child ran away from the house, investigators said, Clarke threw a rock at him, lacerating his right cheek. The other minor said Clarke punched him in the nose but officers did not observe any injuries on him.

In April, a detective responded to a “school threat assessment” after one of the children was accused of having a gun with a laser attachment. The detective wrote on Brownlee’s report that it was not known if the child planned to bring the gun to school, but he admitted to playing with it at home.

The investigation of the threat at the school led to the discovery of unsecured firearms: two handguns and a rifle. According to Brownlee, one of the handguns belonged to him and the others to Clarke.

“The mother’s bedroom where the firearms were located was unlocked and could be accessed by the children at any time,” police wrote. “According to one of the children, the stepfather will leave the guns in several places and ask the children to watch them.”

On Sunday, police arrested Brownlee, noting that she failed to properly supervise her children and allowed Clarke into the house after her arrest.

“The defendant failed to provide the children in her care with the appropriate supervision necessary to maintain their physical and mental health,” police wrote. “The defendant failed to make a reasonable effort to protect the victims from abuse, neglect and exploitation by another person by allowing the stepfather to have access to the home despite the violence against the victims which resulted in his arrest.”

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