Russian military now second strongest in Ukraine, Secretary Blinken says

Antoine Blinken

Antoine Blinken

“The Kremlin has often claimed that it has the second most powerful army in the world – and many believed it,” Blinken said during a speech in Helsinki, Finland.

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“Today, many consider the Russian army to be the second strongest in Ukraine.”

He called Russia’s war against Ukraine a “strategic failure” that has weakened “Russia’s military, economic and diplomatic might for years to come”.

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Blinken also rejected calls for a ceasefire as Russian troops remain on Ukrainian soil.

“It would legitimize the seizure of Ukrainian land by Russia; it would reward the aggressor and punish the victim,” the secretary said.

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Earlier, Blinken said the United States would help Ukraine build “the army of the future,” referring to modern aviation, weapons and other equipment.

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