Russia to use border incursion to swallow part of Belarusian army

Лукашенко і Путін, 19 грудня 2022 року

Лукашенко і Путін, 19 грудня 2022 року

“They will discuss this issue,” Svitan argues.

“Most likely, Putin will put pressure on Lukashenko to transfer part of the army to Russia as part of the Union State. This is not even within the CSTO, but within the Union State.”

The expert is convinced that the development of the situation will depend on how Lukashenko behaves.

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“He will either fall for it or not. He can transfer a part of the Belarusian army to cover the Ukrainian-Russian border. Especially to Bryansk Oblast. It is next to Belarus. That is, they can try to cover at least one region. But this is also not bad.”

Svitan pointed out that the Kastuś Kalinoŭski Regiment, which is fighting against Russia as part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, is “eager” to liberate Belarus.

“Therefore, the withdrawal of the Belarusian army from Belarus to Russia can be a positive moment,” Svitan explained.

“We can take advantage of it by giving the Kalinoŭski regiment a certain opportunity to participate in the liberation of Belarus. That is, Ukrainian troops will not enter Belarus, just as Ukrainian troops are not entering Russia now.”

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