Rams DC Raheem Morris helped save child who was drowning in Las Vegas pool

Rahim Morris

Raheem Morris ran for an AED and helped save a child who was drowning in a Las Vegas swimming pool last weekend. (Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris helped save a child who was drowning in a Las Vegas swimming pool last weekend, Wednesday.

Morris was with his family at the Encore Las Vegas when he saw a 3-year-old boy begin to drown in the pool. After people helped pull him out and save him, Morris’ wife said on Instagram that the child had no pulse.

As the rescuer began CPR, Morris rushed to grab the automated external defibrillator, or AED.

“I saw people calling 911, so my first question was, where’s the DEA?” Morris told ESPN on Wednesday. “When I got back, we had a doctor there who was able to start the compressions. I was able to put the AED on him, open it up for him, put the pads on the kid, and he ended up being fine.”

The child, according to ESPN, was then discharged from hospital the following day.

Morris credited the recent CPR and AED training the Rams underwent for learning how to use AED in this situation – something teams across the league did after Damar Hamlin’s terrifying collapse in a game last night. last season. A coach after suffering cardiac arrest on the pitch.

Hamlin has since held trainings and promoted the importance of AED and CPR training league-wide and nationwide.

“I’m just grateful that I knew what to do,” Morris said, via ESPN. “You never know when you’ll need this stuff.”

Morris is set to enter his third season with the Rams as defensive coordinator this fall. Morris landed there after serving as interim head coach of the Falcons in 2020 after the franchise fired coach Dan Quinn.

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