Rachel Morin’s boyfriend speaks out after police name man wanted over sex assault as suspect in murder

Rachel Morin’s boyfriend spoke up after the Maryland police found DNA evidence of a man they believe killed the mother-of-five.

The Harford County Sheriff’s Office announced on Thursday that the DNA found at the scene of Morin’s death matched with DNA found at the scene of a March home invasion in Los Angeles where a young girl was attacked.

“Unfortunately that suspect has not been identified, but he did leave behind his DNA,” Colonel Davis said.

“Based on the DNA evidence, we consider the individual in the video we obtained from the Los Angeles Police Department to be the person that murdered Rachel Morin.”

Police released a video of the individual, a shirtless man thought to be Hispanic and in his 20s, leaving the Los Angeles crime scene on a home security camera.

Following the announcement, Morin’s 27-year-old boyfriend, Richard Tobin wrote on Facebook: “I hope they found this s*** of the earth, justice for Rachel. Rip. love you rach.”

In a follow-up post he urged people to “please help identify this s*** bag”.

According to The Baltimore Banner, Mr Tobin had given investigators a DNA sample and handed over his cell phone.

While he was never officially named as a suspect in Morin’s death or accused of any wrongdoing. people on social media pointed fingers at him due to his arrest records.

Mr Tobin has two arrests for second-degree assault, and separate arrests for violating restraining orders, malicious destruction of property and drug possession dating back to 2014, court records show.

Mr Tobin has also faced charges of being a fugitive from justice, resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication, according to Maryland judiciary case search records.

Suspect in murder of Rachel Morin seen in video released by police (Screen grab)

Suspect in murder of Rachel Morin seen in video released by police (Screen grab)

He previously lashed out saying, he would “never do anything to her”. “Yes I have a past but I also have 15 months clean and have changed as a person. Please,” he wrote on social media.

Morin was last seen around 6pm on 5 August when she allegedly went out for a run on the Ma and Pa Trail in Bel Air. The 37-year-old failed to return home that night and her boyfriend reported her missing.

Just days before her murder, Morin and Mr Tobin had gone official on Facebook with their new relationship.

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