Playoff Jimmy, Jokic vs. Hachimura & behind the scenes at the NBA Draft Lottery

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Jake and Dan are back with another fun episode of No Cap Room where they discuss “Playoff Jimmy” as a folk hero throughout time, Rui Hachimura as “The Jokic Stopper”, the best open head coaching jobs and Jake’s time at the NBA Draft Lottery and Combine.

Jake and Dan kick off this episode of “No Cap Room” with a look at the Eastern Conference Finals, which started last night with another epic performance from Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat to take home court advantage away from the Boston Celtics.

Dan digs into the numbers to explain why “Playoff Jimmy” is a real thing, and Jake theorizes as to why Jimmy Butler denies it.

After digging into the coaching mismatch in the Eastern Conference Finals, the guys switch their attention to the moves and countermoves that the coaching staffs of the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers are making when it comes to Nikola Jokic against L.A.’s defense.

Jake is in Chicago, where he was able to attend the lottery drawing for the NBA Draft and the NBA Scouting Combine, and he tells us all about what (and who) is being talked about amongst the front office members in town.

Finally, a lot of really great NBA head coaches are currently without a job and five NBA franchise are still looking for a head coach. Dan and Jake rank the jobs, from best to worst, and end up in a debate about what a head coach should be looking for in their next job.

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