People flee park in panic as pickup driver tries to run them over, Colorado police say

A 44-year-old driver in a pickup truck sent visitors fleeing in panic as he tried to run over people in a park, Colorado police reported.

Police received numerous calls about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 19, reporting that a man in a pickup truck was trying to hit people at Central Park, Boulder police said in a news release.

“Despite some incredibly close calls, the driver narrowly missed hitting multiple people who ran to get away,” police said.

The truck entered and left the park numerous times, also striking a light pole, a railing and a traffic sign, police said.

Officers arriving minutes later found the damaged 2004 Ford pickup truck abandoned on a nearby street, per the release.

An officer spotted the suspected driver walking on the street at 9:50 a.m. and arrested him, police said.

Bruce A. Alvey faces charges including attempted murder, with additional charges pending, police said.

“Detectives believe this crime was an isolated incident and do not believe it’s connected to any political groups or movements,” police said. Alvey may have been driving under the influence of drugs, investigators said.

Police ask anyone with information to contact them at 303-441-1829 or

“I don’t know how we escaped this morning’s incident without injuries to anyone, but I am thankful,” Police Chief Maris Herold said at a news briefing posted on YouTube. She described it as “a really scary incident.”

“We are so lucky not to have significant injuries to multiple people,” the chief added.

Central Park will remain closed for two weeks to repair damage.

Boulder is about 30 miles northwest of Denver.

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