Pence backs Ukraine aid, criticizes Trump for calling Putin a genius

Former US Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday evening (June 7) that he supported US aid to Ukraine and criticized former President Donald Trump for his praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Source: Pence, responding to CNN viewers, as reported by European Pravda

Quote“I know some in this debate have called the war in Ukraine a territorial dispute. It’s not, it was a Russian invasion, an unprovoked Russian invasion. And I believe the United States of America should continue to provide the brave soldiers in Ukraine with the resources it needs to repel this Russian invasion and restore its territorial integrity,” he said, responding to a question from Michael Banks, a Republican voter.

Details: Pence’s remarks contrast sharply with Trump, who in a similar conversation did not say whether he wanted Ukraine to win the war. The former president evaded the question when asked about it in May.

“I want everyone to stop dying. They’re dying. Russians and Ukrainians. I want them to stop dying. And I will in 24 hours,” Trump said.

Pence, at the same time, said he had a conversation with the Russian leader, looked him in the eye and told him things he [Putin – ed.] didn’t want to hear.

“Anyone who thinks Vladimir Putin will stop if he invades Ukraine has what we say in Indiana ‘something else to come’. He has no intention of stopping. He has made it clear that ‘he wanted to recreate that old Soviet sphere of influence in Eastern Europe,’ he said.

Pence then commented on Trump calling Putin a genius on a conservative radio show in February.

“Well, and frankly, when Vladimir Putin arrived in Ukraine, the former president called him a genius. I know the difference between a genius and a war criminal, and I know who has to win in the war in Ukraine , and it is the people fighting for their freedom and fighting to restore their national sovereignty in Ukraine. And America is not our war, but freedom is our fight, and we must give the Ukrainian people the ability to fight and defend their territory,” Pence said.

Background: Former US Vice President Mike Pence declared on Wednesday June 7 that he would run for president, thus opening the race for the Republican nomination.

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