Pat Fitzgerald in Northwestern, Georgia fends off press and new details about Alabama baseball betting scandal

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SI’s Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger and Pat Forde react to news that longtime Northwestern University coach Pat Fitzgerald was fired amid allegations of team hazing.

After a tumultuous week, the ax finally fell on Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald. A two-week suspension has now turned into a full dismissal after the initial report of the football team’s hazing allegations was muddled. Many in the footballing world are shocked, but the guys are sticking with their sentiment that schools should release their full investigation reports at the end to prevent a scenario like this from happening in the first place.

Former West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins is still adamant about not stepping down. The former coach and the school exchanged letters furthering the “Costanza” narrative that Huggins is pushing. Guys are fed up with his act and now see these actions as greedy and embarrassing.

The University of Georgia pushed back on an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution that noted Georgia’s position on sexual assault and harassment. Kirby Smart and other athletic department officials defended their school and their policies, calling for the article to be recalled. The crew believe the tactic was used to avert the wave of speeding and reckless driving charges that Georgian footballers are caught in.

New and disconcerting details have emerged from the college baseball betting scandal surrounding an Alabama/LSU game last April. Security footage and borderline verbal admission to a cashier revealed a new level of incompetence while trying to pull off a scam of this proportion.

Finally, one of the great American newspaper writers is celebrated this year. Mike Royko’s Blind Beer Test celebrates its 50th anniversary at Chicago’s Billy Goat to commemorate the writer and see how far American beer has come.

1:00 Pat Fitzgerald fired by Northwestern

25:12 The pod has finalized plans to meet in Nashville

28:55 Bob Huggins maintains the idea that he did not resign

39:47 Georgia pushed back on AJC article

49:52 Rand Paul is upset about antitrust laws

52:02 Details on the Alabama baseball betting scandal – LSU

1:01:36 Mike Royko’s beer test returns

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Pat Fitzgerald reacts to a game against Michigan State Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Pat Fitzgerald reacts to a game against Michigan State Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

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