Here’s what Goldman Sachs sees in the year ahead as markets and the economy return to pre-2008 conditions

Goldman Sachs’ outlook for 2024 is fairly upbeat, with the bank eyeing just a 15% chance of a recession.Lucky-photographer/Shutterstock Goldman Sachs said the economy and investing landscape is returning to a pre-2008 environment. Strategists said the global economy has outperformed expectations in 2023, and disinflation should carry on. Conditions are normalizing as the era of … Read more

RNC threatens to ban candidates from debates if they attend Iowa group’s forum

The Republican National Committee is threatening to disqualify GOP presidential candidates from RNC-sponsored debates if they participate in an Iowa forum hosted by a conservative Christian organization. The warning comes ahead of the Family Leader Foundation’s event on Friday that the group said will include White House hopefuls sitting at a table for a “moderated, … Read more

How Anyone Can Turn $200K Into Monthly Income

Woman looking where to invest $200,000 Creating passive income streams can be a stepping-stone to building wealth, with minimal ongoing investment of time or money. There are different ways to generate income passively that require varying degrees of effort to establish. If you’re interested in how to invest $200,00 for monthly income, it helps to … Read more

Man reportedly beaten by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office gains new national support

Attorneys representing Le’Keian Woods, the 24-year-old Black man beaten by officers with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO), announced on November 6th that civil rights attorney John Burris has joined the legal team. >>> STREAM ACTION NEWS JAX LIVE <<< Burris, recognized for his work with clients such as Rodney King, Tupac Shakur, and the family … Read more

Is It Better to be Mass Affluent or High-Net-Worth? Weighing the Differences

The mass affluent hanging out with the high net worth on a boat While ‘millionaire’ might not be as weighty of a title as it was decades ago, seven figures of wealth is a significant accomplishment that indicates success and stability. Mass affluent individuals, with their robust yet accessible wealth, form a vital economic backbone … Read more