“One of the most important moments of my life”

Vince Neil and Michael Monroe, circa 2023. (Photos: Getty Images)

Vince Neil and Michael Monroe, circa 2023. (Photos: Getty Images)

Four decades after the car accident that ended Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle’s life – and ultimately ended the budding career of this Finnish glam-rock band – Hanoi frontman Michael Monroe has apparently made amends with Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil, who was behind the wheel that tragic night. in 1984.

Over the weekend, Monroe and Neil came face to face for – surprisingly – the very first time, backstage at Finland’s Rockfest 2023 festival. Monroe posted a candid photo of the emotional encounter to her Instagram account , calling it “one of the most important moments of my life”.

In the early 80s, Hanoi Rocks caused a stir in Europe with their first four shimmering metal albums (all now considered cult classics), and they seemed on the verge of mainstream success with the 84 release of their first major label. . albums in the United States, Close to moving, produced by Bob Ezrin of Lou Reed/Alice Cooper/KISS. They were also to embark on their first American tour, opening for La Crüe. But on December 8, 1984, Hanoi drummer Razzle (real name: Nicholas Dingley) went on a beer tour with Neil at a house party at Neil’s Redondo Beach. Neil, whose blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit of 0.17, crashed his De Tomaso Pantera sports car while returning from the liquor store; two passengers in another automobile involved in the crash were seriously injured, and Razzle was killed instantly. Neil was charged with manslaughter and received a light sentence of 30 days in jail (he actually only served 19 days) and five years probation. Mötley Crüe became even more famous – their next album, theater of painwas actually dedicated to Dingley – but the tragedy spelled the death knell for Hanoi Rocks, who split up in 1985 after a brief and ill-fated overseas tour with former Clash drummer Terry Chimes.

Rocks of Hanoi' Michael Monroe and Razzle in the 1980s. (Photo: Mike Prior/Redferns)

Michael Monroe and Razzle of Hanoi Rocks in the 1980s. (Photo: Mike Prior/Redferns)

“We weren’t strong enough to stay together,” Monroe told Yahoo Entertainment last year while promoting her bittersweet 11th solo album, I live too fast to die young. “Maybe if we had taken a break for six months or a year, if we had been in this position, maybe it could have saved the day. I mean, the situation was such that we had to be very probably become one of the biggest bands in the world and all that. And Bob Ezrin was also looking forward to producing the next album; he felt the same way for us as he did for Alice Cooper. We considered it a long term. But I don’t didn’t want people to know Hanoi in the wrong way, because that’s not what it was originally. It wouldn’t have been the same. So what can you do? It was bad luck, but I don’t look at it that way. I’m just sorry I lost my best friend Razzle. We had a special chemistry.”

This week, Monroe, who was not present at Neil’s ill-fated party in 1984, captioned a photo of himself and a smiling Neil chatting backstage at Rockfest with, “One of the the most important things in my life was meeting Vince Neil for the first time last night. Razzle always wanted us to meet because he thought that “us singers” were a lot alike. Under different circumstances, the two bands would have probably ended up being good friends but fate had other plans… Thanks for your time Vince We didn’t say much but your eyes told me over 1000 words And your singing was great at the show. Nice to finally see you guys live!

As of this writing, Neil hasn’t publicly posted or commented on his meeting with Monroe, but Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has posted a same-day photo of himself with the graceful Hanoi Rocks singer, writing, “What a wonderful surprise to see Michael Monroe at the show tonight. I haven’t seen this gentleman in years with everyone’s personal life besides his career and then living in different parts of the world. You are a class number Michael, and please bring your harmonica next time. Monroe responded in Sixx’s comments, “It was so wonderful to see you again, my friend. I had a great time and meeting you meant the world to me. I will definitely bring my harmonica next time so we can rock together! Love, respect and rock’n’roll!

The original Hanoi Rocks lineup – Monroe, Andy McCoy, Sami Yaffa, Nasty Suicide and pre-Razzle drummer Gyp Casino – reunited for a surprise eight-song set at the Helsinki Ice Hall for Monroe’s 60th birthday last September . Monroe was in good spirits at the time, telling Yahoo Entertainment, “I’ve been through a lot, yeah. I haven’t had the best of luck. But things could be worse. I am still in good health. I’m alive. Every healthy, above ground day is a good day. I love making music and making a living from it. I don’t need much to be happier, and money doesn’t buy happiness.

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