Officers justified use of lethal force in September shooting in Broomfield

June 6 – The 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office has concluded that officers involved in a fatal shooting last September in Broomfield were justified in their use of deadly force against a suspect.

District Attorney Brian Mason released a decision letter on Monday.

The suspect, Anthony Lainez, was shot and killed by Detectives James Waidler, Jay Lopez and Cole Connors on September 29 following a pursuit and carjacking attempt in Broomfield.

“The three Denver detectives acted with courage and heroism. And the actions of the three likely saved lives that day,” the letter read. “There is no evidence to suggest that an objectively reasonable officer would have acted differently from the detectives involved in the incident.”

Lainez was being investigated by the Denver Police Department’s Fugitive Unit, which suspected his involvement in a homicide in Denver. Lainez had outstanding warrants for his arrest, and the unit was engaging in physical and electronic surveillance to apprehend him. On the afternoon of September 29, he was found at a residence in Broomfield near 136th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard.

The Fugitive Unit, along with the Broomfield Police Department, were monitoring the residence when a man and woman, identified as Lainez and Sky Toya, exited the residence and entered a white Ford Edge parked outside. outside. Lainez, who was driving the vehicle, drove south on Sheridan Boulevard and attempted to turn left onto Midway Boulevard, but lost control of the vehicle and crashed into another car at the intersection.

After the collision, Lainez exited the vehicle and got into a gray Toyota Corolla that had stopped after witnessing the accident. Lainez threatened the driver with a handgun and prevented him from leaving the vehicle when he attempted to do so. Lainez then used the driver as a shield when Waidler arrived on the scene.

Lopez arrived shortly after Waidler and ran towards the vehicle to smash the windshield with the muzzle of his rifle. He saw Lainez in the driver’s seat holding the driver hostage. Lainez then pulled out his handgun and shot Lopez, hitting him in the neck. Lopez fired a bullet from his rifle before falling to the ground.

Waidler, seeing Lainez shoot and Lopez collapse, pulled the hostage to safety and shot Lainez and punched him several times before he fell to the ground.

Connors then arrived at the scene, where he saw Lainez on the ground again trying to reach for his sidearm. Connors, fearing for the safety of the public, fired his handgun at Lainez until he stopped moving.

Lainez was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy confirmed that the cause of his death was multiple gunshot wounds. After investigation, suspected controlled substances, additional firearms and $1,000 in cash were found in the vehicles.

Toya was arrested at the scene and charged with aggravated robbery, possession of a controlled substance and first degree criminal trespass. She pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery and was sentenced in April to 12 years in the Department of Corrections.

“If the detectives had not intervened and reacted in this way, Mr. Lainez would very likely have injured or killed others in his efforts to evade arrest. For the reasons above, I conclude that Detectives Lopez, Waidler and Connors were justified in their use of deadly force against Anthony Lainez,” the letter read.

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