No more NIL lobbying in DC, the Urban Meyer-led Florida Gators get a documentary, and should players boycott EA’s new college football game?

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Dan Wetzel and Ross Dellenger of Pat Forde & SI discuss the latest happenings with college athletics in DC with the 2006-2009 Florida Gators getting a documentary.

Guardrail lobbying has resumed in the nation’s capital with scores of university administrators and presidents meeting to discuss the future of paid college athletes.

In the west, the other members of the Pac-12 verbally accepted the granting of their rights. The TV deal will determine whether or not the verbal agreement materializes, but for now the teams are optimistic about cohesion.

Clemson had a big recruiting weekend being able to sign a few 5-star recruits along with other top talent to play under Dabo Swinney & Company.

Netflix will release a new documentary featuring the exciting Florida Gators leading Urban Meyer. The pod is skeptical of the documentary, worried if it will focus primarily on the greatness of the team and not the off-field actions of players and staff.

The University of Texas has renovated its locker room again. This time, pumping $7 million into the space that was recently renovated during Tom Herman’s time.

New compensation information has been released for varsity athletes in EA Sports’ upcoming NCAA football game. Players are expected to receive $500 to be featured in the game. This news has split the internet as it seems many people are biased about whether or not actual players are featured.

Finally, in news of the odd Apple gave a fan-friendly update to college sports, Dan dug into the world of competitive book collecting, and a Michigan man offered an interesting bouncer apology.

1:00 Safeguard lobbying takes place in DC

8:57 The other Pac-12 members have agreed on granting their rights

6:50 Clemson lands 5-star linebacker Sammy Brown

25:52 Florida Gators 2006-2009 will have a Netflix show

38:45 The University of Texas just spent $7 million to remodel their locker room

44:30 On3 reported that Jason Stahl has urged gamers to boycott a low sum to be in the next EA video game

48:11 Apple has adjusted a long-standing AutoCorrect feature

53:00 There are more details about the Harvard Book Collecting Championship

56:15 Michigan man denied entry to bar

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Urban Meyer yells at his team against the LSU Tigers REUTERS/Sean Gardner

Urban Meyer yells at his team against the LSU Tigers REUTERS/Sean Gardner

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