Neighbor caught on camera injecting opioid chemicals under family’s door

A Florida man is facing charges after he was allegedly recorded on video putting dangerous chemicals under the door of his neighbors’ home.

Xuming Li, 36, faces multiple charges including possession of a controlled substance and dispersing a chemical agent, according to NBC News.

The family that lives above Li told local Tampa NBC News affiliate WFLA that after welcoming their newborn daughter, Li started to text from his apartment and complain of noise coming from upstairs.

Xuming Li, 36, is seen injecting a liquid under a neighboring family’s door in Tampa Bay, Fla. (WFLA)

Xuming Li, 36, is seen injecting a liquid under a neighboring family’s door in Tampa Bay, Fla. (WFLA)

WFLA viewed texts from Li that said he couldn’t sleep and could hear the toilet seat being moved.

Umar Abdullah, the upstairs neighbor, told the affiliate that after months of back and forth between them, the whole family started to feel sick.

From grogginess to vomiting, Abdullah and his family began often feeling ill. Then, a friend smelled chemicals when she went to bring in a package for the family while they were on vacation. When the family came back, they said they could smell it too.

After having professionals check the air conditioning unit, the water heater, the air ducts and vents, Abdullah said he had the fire department come check, but their tests didn’t reveal anything.

“Then, I actually double checked,” Abdullah explained. “I started sniffing that place like a dog.”

He told WFLA that only after investigating everything else, he started to think of his downstairs neighbor.

He then installed a hidden camera in the plant outside and eventually captured the video he gave to police. The video seems to show his neighbor taking a syringe out, filling it with liquid, then injecting the liquid into the crack into the family’s doorframe.

Umar Abdullah. (Courtesy WFLA)

Umar Abdullah. (Courtesy WFLA)

“The first that came to my mind — my daughter and my wife,” Abdullah told WFLA. “They need to be safe.”

He said he got the family out of the house and called police. Li was arrested and charged on June 27.

According to a Tampa Police Department affidavit, a hazmat test found the “liquid “chemical agent” contained methodone and hydrocodone — both opioid pain medications, NBC News reports.

Li was charged with one count of felony aggravated stalking, three counts of dispersing a chemical agent and one count of possession of a controlled substance, NBC News reports. He was also charged with battery on a law enforcement officer for exposing an officer to the chemicals.

Li is also facing lawsuits from Abdullah for domestic violence and the condo association for breach of contract.

His attorney did not immediately respond to’s request for comment. The attorney gave a statement to WFLA saying Li pleaded not guilty and that all of the facts will come in due time.

Abdullah told WFLA that his daughter turned 1 a few weeks ago and they are still living in the condo — though they’re looking for a new home.

“A neighbor, who supposedly, who’s seemingly a regular guy, he was coming and harming us with chemicals,” Abdullah told WFLA. “And that was very scary for us.”

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