MLB TV Plan, A-Rod’s LinkedIn, New Field Types, and Women’s College Softball

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Hannah Keyser and Zach Crizer go over all the news of the day (NOTE: This podcast was recorded before the news was about Jacob deGrom in need of Tommy John surgery) before diving deep into pitch types and welcoming Natalie Weiner to talk about the Women’s College Softball Championship Series.

Hannah and Zach are back with another fun episode of The Bandwagon! They kick off the episode with an update on the A’s from Oakland, whose move to Las Vegas seems to be stalling again. This time they talk about what they would like the A’s to do (instead of what the A’s are doing now).

Diamond Sports Group goes bankrupt amid a fight for streaming rights and that’s why the San Diego Padres are now broadcast by MLB itself. This is good news for fans who have long wanted to get rid of local TV blackouts and it’s a sign of things to come.

Aaron Judge hurt his toe crossing the outfield at Dodgers Stadium and AL Central could end up being decided by a wild pitch. Hannah and Zach address both of these stories before moving on to this week’s game.

While thinking about what Albert Pujols is going to do now that he’s retired from baseball, Hannah came up with a play about players who had notoriously different after-play careers. Let’s see how many Zachs can guess!

Hannah and Zach use the new Built different segment to call out some preseason predictions they made that are going well, thanks to the Diamondbacks and Rangers.

Zach studied pitch types, new and old, and learned everything there is to know. He gives us some insight into this very interesting topic before welcoming Natalie Weiner to the show for a look at the women’s college softball championship series between Oklahoma and Florida State.

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