Luxury cars left at valet stands in Tampa, watch shows. Then they left

New fear unlocked.

Luxury car owners who leave their prized possessions with valets in upscale Tampa-area locations have more to worry about than banging on doors and dented fenders.

According to a Friday Facebook post by the Tampa Police Department, there has been an increase in reports of expensive cars being ripped off from unattended valet stations in the area.

The post includes surveillance footage from two recent incidents.

In the first video, taken at International Plaza, a mall with a number of designer boutiques and high-end restaurants, a man wearing a black cap and black shirt is seen hanging around an unmanned valet.

After a few seconds, he snatches some keys from the booth as another man, his alleged accomplice, in a similar white shirt and black cap approaches him and they begin to chat.

The scene shifts to the mall parking lot as the first man rushes to a white Mercedes compact SUV and slips behind the wheel.

The second surveillance video of the message was taken in the parking lot outside Ciro’s, a swanky cocktail bar in the Tampa Bay area. A man wearing a black cap is seen taking the keys to an unmanned pit while another man watches, then gets into a dark colored Mercedes SUV.

It is unknown if the men are the same individuals seen in the first video.

The agency’s FB post advises businesses to ensure their booths are never left unattended and asks customers to always ask if their keys are stored securely.

Commenters left a number of surprised face emojis, with one woman writing: ‘It’s my biggest fear of using valet parking.

None of the vehicles, which also include a Lamborghini and a Land Rover, have been recovered, TPD said.

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