Lucy Letby may have murdered three more babies, says expert witness

Lucy Letby may have murdered three more babies according to one of the foremost witnesses in her trial.

Letby, 33, became Britain’s worst child killer when she was convicted for the murders of seven infants and the attempted murder of six others.

Yesterday, Dr Dewi Evans, a National Crime Agency-accredited expert, raised fresh concerns about the deaths of several children not part of the prosecution.

Appearing on the Daily Mail’s Trial of Lucy Letby Podcast, he said: “Initially, I looked at 32 cases and there are seven of those [which were not part of the trial] that need more scrutiny.

“These babies had illnesses that were life-threatening and three of them died – but we need to look at them to see if they were placed in harm’s way as well.

“They were poorly so it may be impossible to show beyond reasonable doubt whether they were the victim of inflicted harm.”

Letby will spend the rest of her life in prison with no chance of parole.

She is the fourth female defendant in British history to be the subject of a whole life order.

Dr Evans told the podcast he also suspects Letby may have harmed 10 other babies.

He added: “I found several cases that are highly suspicious where an endotracheal tube – placed in a baby’s throat when they need breathing support – had been displaced, had come out.”

“These tubes can come out accidentally, but for so many to come out is very, very unusual, especially in what I consider to be a good unit. ‘I suspect these tubes were displaced intentionally.

“Of the 18, there could be up to ten babies who were placed in harm’s way.”

Last week, the former neo-natal nurse began an attempt to overturn her conviction.

She has lodged a formal application for permission to appeal the decision by Manchester Crown Court.

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