Love and Thunder’ was ‘too silly’ for its own good

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in

Chris Hemsworth in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” left, and Chris Hemsworth on the red carpet, right.Marvel Studios; Don Arnold/WireImage via Getty Images

  • Chris Hemsworth told GQ that “Thor: Love and Thunder” might be “too silly” for its own good.

  • The film, released in 2022, received lackluster reviews from critics.

  • Hemsworth told GQ, “You just don’t know how people are going to react.”

Actor Chris Hemsworth, who spent more than a decade playing the Marvel character Thor, thinks his last film in the role, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ was ‘too silly’ for its own good .

“I think we just had too much fun,” Hemsworth told GQ. “It just got too silly.”

The film faced lackluster reviews upon its release in 2022.

“It’s always difficult to be in the center and to have a real perspective,” Hemsworth told GQ. “I love the process; it’s always a trick. But you just don’t know how people are going to react.”

Hemsworth, who first played the titular god of thunder in 2011’s “Thor,” has appeared in all four “Avengers” films and three “Thor” sequels.

He told GQ that if he played the role in another film, it would have to be “tonically different” from the first two “Thor” films and Taika Waititi’s more comedic third and fourth films.

“And we should be doing something very drastic to keep people on their toes,” he told GQ. “Otherwise, it’s just the fatigue of these characters and these movies, where people are like, ‘I saw it.'”

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