Lack of funding forces the UN to scale back its food program in Haiti amid rising malnutrition

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — The United Nations World Food Program announced Monday that it is facing a shortage of funds and will not be able to help 100,000 people in Haiti this month. who urgently need help.

The 25% reduction comes as a record 4.9 million people in the country out of nearly 11 million need help finding food, the agency said.

“These cuts couldn’t come at a worse time, as Haitians face a multi-level humanitarian crisis, with their lives and livelihoods disrupted by violence, insecurity, economic turmoil and climatic shocks.” , said Jean-Martin Bauer, director of the agency for Haiti.

The agency has warned that its Haiti response plan is only 16% funded and that it will not be able to provide food to a total of 750,000 Haitians unless it gets 121 million dollars by the end of the year.

“Unless we receive immediate funding, further devastating cuts cannot be ruled out,” Bauer said.

So far this year, the World Food Program has provided more than 450,000 schoolchildren with hot meals, often the only food they receive in a day.

Per capita, the number of Haitians facing emergency-level food insecurity is the second highest in the world, with nearly 5 million people struggling to eat every day, according to the agency. More than 115,000 children under 5 are also expected to fight malnutrition this year, a 30% increase from last year.

Gang violence has made the situation worse, crippling the transport of goods and preventing people from leaving their homes.

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