Kremlin approves theme for new phase in information war against Ukraine

A meeting took place in Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s administration on Aug. 25 regarding the next stage of the information war against Ukraine, the Ukrainian military’s Main Intelligence Directorate or HUR reported on Aug. 29.

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The event was attended by Sergey Kiriyenko, the first deputy head of Putin’s administration, Kremlin “technologists,” and representatives of media outlets involved in operations within the information sphere, the HUR said. The main topic of the meeting was to approve specific narratives aimed at discrediting Ukraine and influencing its partners globally, it said.

The HUR also said the Russian disinformation campaign will soon focus on utilizing the following themes and narratives:

“Mass mobilization”:

  • Allegedly, all Ukrainians without exception will be subject to mobilization, regardless of gender, age, or health status.

  • Supposedly, mobilization will apply even to minors.

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“Undermining confidence in victory prospects among Ukraine’s partners’”:

  • Imaginary “secret deals” about “peace in exchange for territory.”

  • Fabricated political agreements, including the manufacturing of materials about a supposed “secret agreement” between Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko and representatives of the U.S. Republican Party regarding support for his future presidential election campaign.

“Ukrainian counteroffensive has no success”:

  • Allegedly, an increase in the number of burials of Ukrainian soldiers, using cemeteries in major cities as examples.

  • Supposed lack of success on the frontlines amid significant losses, propagating the theme of local defenders’ deaths in every region of Ukraine.

  • Search for culprits in fabricated “failures” to discredit Ukrainian military leaders and officials.

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“Total corruption”:

  • Allegedly, the state isn’t combatting corruption — “the budget is being embezzled, procurements are not conducted.”

  • Supposed absence of punishments for corrupt individuals.

“The ‘wonderful’ life in occupied territories”:

  • Allegedly, high salaries, low prices, and provisions of all necessities.

  • “Development” of infrastructure, reconstruction of destroyed housing.

  • “Free” elections on a “single voting day” based on Russian laws.

  • “Ukraine abandons occupied territories” with the demonstration of fabricated documents.

  • Supposedly, Ukrainian authorities are “surrendering” Kupyansk.

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The HUR stressed that in order to resist hostile propaganda, people should adhere to information hygiene and trust only official sources of information.

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