Kevin Costner’s estranged wife accuses him of being ‘evasive’ about his finances in new divorce filing

Kevin Costner’s estranged wife is accusing him of being “evasive” about his finances.

The exes — married for 18 years until Christine filed for divorce on May 1 — have a hearing on the issue of child support set to take place on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1. The hearing was initiated by the Yellowstone actor, who is contesting the order that he must pay Christine $129,755 a month in temporary child support; meanwhile, the former handbag designer claims his production of his financial records has been “deficient.”

In legal papers obtained by Yahoo Entertainment, Christine’s legal team claims the actor and director — who is estimated to be worth $400 million and who earned $19 million last year alone — “has failed to produce a myriad of bank account and credit card statements which are directly relevant” to the support issues. It’s suggested he provided “incomplete information” and is “withhold[ing]” financial documents. She slams his claim that some documents in question are “confidential,” and therefore won’t be turned over, calling it “a smokescreen.”

What she wants

Christine, who signed a premarital agreement, wants access to pretty much all Kevin’s financial records — QuickBooks files, banking statements, canceled checks, credit card bills, stocks, deeds (properties and cars), loans, tax returns and donations, to name a few listed in the 112-page filing — both personal and for his 20-plus companies. Her attorneys claim he’s refusing to comply. Some of the documents they claim are being withheld pertain to Horizon: An American Saga, the western film project he co-wrote, directed, starred in and is producing. (Kevin has publicly said that he mortgaged property to make the four-part film.)

“[Kevin] has asserted that he anticipates his income will decline, as he is no longer involved with the television series Yellowstone. However, [he] is withholding documents, at a minimum, related to his current Horizon project that [Christine] has a right to discover, as such documents evidence his future endeavors and anticipated income,” her attorney writes. “[Kevin’s] objection that such documents are ‘highly confidential’ is similarly a smokescreen, as there is a confidentiality agreement in place in this matter that would resolve any such concerns.”

It goes on to say that there’s “no telling what other documents” that Kevin “has chosen to withhold because he continues to provide evasive and incomplete information regarding the documents in existence and his basis for refusing to produce them.” Christine’s attorneys want Kevin to face a monetary sanction of $8,985.

His response

For his part, Kevin’s lawyers have said Christine’s demands for the documents — also including receipts for art and jewelry purchases as well as country club and fitness club membership — are “burdensome, oppressive and harassing.” They say she “seeks documents that are not relevant” because they have the prenup, which limits spousal support and stipulates that any income earned during marriage was separate property of whoever earned it.

These issues will be hashed out in just over a week at the hearing. They are also gearing up for a trial — starting Nov. 27 — to determine the validity of the prenuptial agreement.

How they got here

This divorce has been extremely contentious. They’ve battled it out over her vacating the $100 million family home, down to which pots and pans she could take with her. In Kevin’s filing last week, he claimed Christine has been acting “in bad faith” by “steadfastly refus[ing]” to say whether she’s going to challenge their prenup, which she signed in 2004 and gives her $1.5 million dollars if they divorce. Kevin is also obligated to pay a $200,000 down payment for Christine’s new residence and cover its monthly mortgage, property tax and insurance payments for one year.

Over the weekend Kevin and Christine — who share children Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13 — were photographed separately arriving at Santa Barbara law offices to be deposed in their divorce. The actor had on khaki pants, a white shirt and sunglasses. Christine wore a red top and black pants.

Kevin was previously married to Cindy Silva, with whom he shares three adult children. He also has one son from a previous relationship.

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