Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas buy minority stake in Leeds United – but Rickie Fowler quits

Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth - Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas buy a minority stake in Leeds United —  but Rickie Fowler gives up

Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth hope the famous club return to the Premier League soon – Getty Images/Cliff Hawkins

Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas have bought a minority stake in Leeds United – but fellow golfer Rickie Fowler pulled out of the deal after the club were relegated to the Championship.

US investment group 49ers Enterprises, which also owns NFL team San Francisco 49ers, is awaiting EFL approval for its takeover after agreeing to increase its stake in the club by buying Andrea’s majority stake Radrizzani.

And three-time major winner Spieth and two-time winner Thomas, who are close friends, have embarked with the 49ers.

“Relegation wasn’t ideal but then we got involved with the 49ers group buying a bigger share of Leeds United to do what they do so successfully everywhere else they touched and we got thought it would be a really cool opportunity,” Spieth said. Sky Sports after flying to the UK to compete in this week’s Scottish Open.

“It’s done. Me and Justin [Thomas]we are involved in a very minority stake but within the largest organization of the 49ers.

“They [the 49ers] renegotiated [after relegation] and then we have to decide whether we do it or not.

“We always wanted to do it and it may have turned out to be a better deal, as long as they can be promoted to [Premier League] Soon.”

The 49ers’ deal is believed to be £400m ahead of the club’s relegation, but a renegotiation saw the price drop to £170m and, when asked about Fowler’s supposed involvement, Spieth added: ” I do not think so. I think he decided once they were relegated not to.

Speith, Thomas and Fowler made a trip to the UK this week, playing Sunningdale golf course in Surrey and attending Wimbledon ahead of the Scottish Open and next week’s Open Championship at Royal Liverpool .

“It’s a great city, a historic club, a great venue in Elland Road, and once we looked around we realized it could be really exciting,” said the 29-year-old. years. “We’re just watching, but I’m really delighted to have a team I’m emotionally invested in. I’ve watched Premier League football quite carefully over the past few years, so it will be Championship football once in a while. time, hopefully Premier League very soon.

“It was cloudy [on the flight up]we were hoping to see it [Elland Road] climbing. We’re not too far from that in Liverpool, but I don’t know if it will work on this trip, but I would love to go there someday.

Spieth, Thomas and Fowler were introduced to Leeds by Billy Foster, the caddy of English golfer Matt Fitzpatrick, a Yorkshire native and fan of the club.

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