Iowa State’s investigation into alleged gambler sports betting violations is still ongoing

Iowa State and coach Matt Campbell are still awaiting the results of an investigation into the players’ alleged sports betting.

Iowa and Iowa State announced in May that school athletes would be betting online. Iowa State said “approximately 15” active athletes allegedly placed bets that violated NCAA rules and that at least one football player was in that group.

Campbell was asked about the investigation Thursday at Big 12 media days and said it was still ongoing. Campbell was asked “specifically” about the status of starting quarterback Hunter Dekkers, but did not address that situation in his response.

“Yeah, you know, right now for us, that investigation is ongoing,” Campbell said. “It’s still not really being very clear, but I think we’re getting closer to clarity.

“What I appreciate is that they kind of gave me the opportunity to be taken out of this process and give me the results once the results come to us.

“I think what I would just say to any of our young men who are involved or not involved in this is that it’s a great learning lesson. Part of what I love about the teaching is that you teach 18 to 22. old young men, there are rules and regulations.

“We’ll sort of learn what happened in this situation here shortly, but it’s a great teaching moment, and how to deal with things when it’s not going well, and how do you react from that.

“Once it’s time to clarify that and respond to it in the right way, I know our football team and certainly the young men in our squad will do a great job of that.”

Dekkers has not been directly linked to the allegations. He was not one of the Iowa State player reps on media days. While it’s not unprecedented for a returning starting quarterback not to attend preseason media days, it’s rare. Dekkers played in all 12 games for Iowa State in 2022 and threw for 3,044 yards and 19 touchdowns with 14 interceptions.

The NCAA announced new gambling penalties in June for athletes who violate gambling rules. A player who bets $200 or less is required to undergo sports betting rules and prevention training. A player who bets between $200 and $500 loses 10% of their eligibility. A player who bets between $500 and $800 loses 20% of a qualifying season and a player who bets more than $800 can lose 30% of a qualifying season.

If a player is found to have blatantly bet more than $800, the NCAA has the option to extend a suspension beyond 30%. Previous NCAA rules did not address betting amounts; a player could lose a season of eligibility for making a small bet.

AMES, IA - NOVEMBER 10: An Iowa State Cyclones helmet is pictured during pregame warmups at Jack Trice Stadium on November 10, 2018 in Ames, Iowa.  The Iowa State Cyclones won 28-14 over the Baylor Bears.  (Photo by David K ​​Purdy/Getty Images)

Several Iowa State athletes have allegedly violated NCAA sports betting rules. (Photo by David K ​​Purdy/Getty Images)

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