Injured 60-year-old man fires back at accused car burglars, killing one, Texas cops say

A 60-year-old man participated in a shootout with two accused car burglars, killing one of them, Texas police told media.

Houston police respond to a shooting at 3:30 a.m. June 10 outside a house on the east side of town, the department said in a tweet.

Several vehicles had recently been stolen from the apartment complex and through a surveillance camera the 60-year-old spotted two men sneaking past a fence and entering the complex, police told KPRC.

Armed with a handgun, he went to confront the men, the station reported. But when he told them to leave, one of the men pulled out a gun and opened fire.

The man was shot once in the leg but fought back and struck the armed suspect multiple times, police told KRIV.

The suspect ran, escaped through the hole in the fence they entered through, but was found near a stairwell in another part of the complex, the outlet reported. The resident who ran into the man called 911.

Only one weapon was found at the scene and police are still looking for the second suspect, police told KTRK.

“The other suspect had to leave with a gun because we can’t find the other gun. And he left on foot. We have decent video we’re working with,” Lt. R. Willkens told the station.

The injured suspect was taken to hospital and pronounced dead, according to a police statement. The owner is in stable condition.

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