“I never felt like my skin was mine” (Exclusive)

‘The Umbrella Academy’ actor and ‘Pageboy’ memoir author is PEOPLE magazine’s Pride star

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Elliot Page is ready to open up about his life story, which he just put to paper in his highly anticipated new memoir, Edge.

Hers is remarkable: how a Canadian child star overcame her fears to become an Oscar nominee (for 2007 films Juno), superhero (the x-men franchise and he stars in the last season of Netflix The Umbrella Academy), and, now, perhaps the most famous trans person on the planet, since coming out in 2020.

“When I walk down the street and young people come up to me, it means everything to me,” says Page, 36, who is on the cover of PEOPLE this week. “Them being themselves, having the courage to say, ‘This is who I am, and I’m going to live authentically. “”

“The privilege I have doesn’t represent the reality of most trans lives,” Page adds. “The reality is that trans people are disproportionately unemployed, disproportionately homeless. Trans women of color are being murdered. People are losing their health care.

Not that his journey went smoothly. “I feel like I barely succeeded in a lot of ways,” Page says.

He talks about those challenges – and the joy he found on the other side.

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On what it feels like to share your truth with the world:

“It really is a feeling that I never thought I would feel, and it manifests itself mainly in the way I feel present, the ease I feel and the ability to exist. There have been times in my life when I really felt like that wasn’t the case. It is often much more in quiet moments. I think we’re talking about “trans joy” and euphoria. Much of it is in silence. To have my shoulders back. I was just always a bit closed off, anxious. Before, I never felt like my skin was mine.”

On his closest friends and allies in Hollywood:

“We all love Catherine Keener. She let me live with her. And Alia [Shawkat] and Kristen [Wiig]they encouraged me to go against the forces that were telling me not to be true. [They’re] sincere people who were just selfless and kind and loving.”

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On how he finds joy now:

“It surprises me sometimes. A friend just takes a picture, and then I get a glimpse, and it just sends this electric thrill through my body, this kind of spark. Because it’s funny, it’s seeing something again, but also not I realize that I look different from people who knew me before, but I think, “Oh my God, there’s this person I saw but wouldn’t have never thought to see.”

On the meaning of his “ET phone home” tattoo on his arm:

“I’m probably watching HEY at least once a year. For me, it’s a perfect movie, and I’ve always desperately wished I could be Elliott in that movie, or even that I felt like Elliot. I resonated with him like I would have resonated with other male characters, of course.”

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If he is currently dating:

“I wouldn’t say much, no! [laughs] But I would say I’m single and I appreciate that.”

On his close bond with his mother:

“My relationship with her is the best it has ever been. I had so much to learn about so many things myself. But ultimately sharing my truth with her and telling her about the changes that were about to happen in my life, my mother was so immediate. She educated herself. I think there was a deep sense of relief, as if she had seen her child come into herself.

For more from Page, check out this week’s issue of PEOPLEon newsstands next week.

Edge will be released on June 6.

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