GOP Gov. Chris Sununu Shreds Donald Trump With Brutal Review Of ‘Worst Speech’

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) delivered a blistering critique of Donald Trump’s address at the GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner in Iowa.

Sununu, appearing on Sunday’s broadcast of ABC News’ “This Week,” ripped the former president for giving “the worst speech.”

It was “the worst 10 minutes,” said Sununu. “He came out. He read from a binder. He didn’t look up. He didn’t smile. It was absolutely dead speech.”

“This is not the Donald Trump of 2016. Don’t fool yourself,” he said.

Trump “doesn’t have the energy,” the governor added. “He basically is droning on for 90 minutes on his long-form speeches about his legal battles as opposed to talking about the future of this country, solving the problems of this country, which is what all the other candidates are doing.”

Sununu, who instead of launching his own presidential run has for 2024 opted to campaign against Trump, said the ex-POTUS brought “a lot of drama to the table” and was like boring soap opera reruns.

Last week, Sununu predicted the election won’t be fought by either Trump or President Joe Biden.

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