Geraldo Rivera Tells ‘The View’ and NewsNation He Had ‘Toxic Relationship’ With ‘The Five’ Co-Host; Will Never Forgive Tucker Carlson for January 6 Misinformation – Update

UPDATE, Friday: Geraldo Rivera continued his criticism of former Fox News colleagues and the network itself during an appearance later Thursday on Chris Cuomo’s NewsNation show.

“Renard left me. They kicked me off the number one show The five. After they fired me, I said, ‘Well, wait a second. You know, I don’t want to work here anymore. If you fire me from show number one, what are you going to do? »

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Rivera said they gave him a “plethora of options,” including a series on presidential candidates, “and they said you could end that on Fox Nation to do that.” He refused.

Rivera said he had a “toxic relationship” with one of the The five regulars, and although he didn’t identify him, he had faced Greg Gutfeld before.

On Twitter and in press interviews, Rivera criticized Tucker Carlson for suggesting that the January 6 attack on the Capitol was an “inside job.” Rivera told Cuomo that in one instance, he received a call from Fox executives who told him he was suspended. He said they told him he wasn’t supposed to speak to the press without permission, “which of course is a trap 22 because they never erase it.”

“I wanted to talk about it because I was very offended by it,” Rivera said.

“Everyone knows it was Donald Trump who was inciting the insurrection,” he said. “He inspired these people. He led these people, he encouraged these people, he threw these people on the capital of the United States, he stabbed the Constitution in the back. And I think for Fox to pretend there was an honest debate about January 6 or the 2020 election, I think, was obscene. And I think it had to be said.

BEFORE, Thursday: Geraldo Rivera said on ABC View today that his recent dismissal from Fox News The five came amid his “toxic relationship” with one of the show’s co-hosts.

Rivera would not identify himself The five co-host beyond saying the person was male, which leaves Jesse Watters or Greg Gutfeld. Rivera often argued on-air with Gutfeld over issues such as abortion rights and immigration, and the debates sometimes got personal. (Rivera specifically said today that he has a good relationship with Jeanine Pirro, adding, “I discovered Jeanine.”)

Show View interview above.

In an extensive interview, Rivera described the atmosphere at Fox News following the Dominion lawsuit settlement as one of “fear”, indicated that he supported Ray Epps’ decision to file a libel suit against the network, said Donald Trump ‘stabbed the Constitution of the United States in the back’ by encouraging the Jan. 6 attack, and that he would devote whatever remains of his journalism career to opposing re-election of Donald Trump. He also said he “will never forgive” Tucker Carlson for spreading false information about the Jan. 6 riots.

Speaking of Carlson, Rivera was interviewed by View co-host Sara Haines on whether Carlson’s influence “wanes” since he was fired from Fox News and moved to Twitter. “I hope so,” Rivera replied, adding that while Twitter is “a good outlet,” compared to Fox News’ platform, it’s like “screaming in the desert.”

While Rivera praised Carlson’s talents as a writer and on-screen talent, he condemned Carlson’s “drift” into “that murky area, that swampy area” of those “awesome kind of conspiracies.”

“I don’t like to be mean, but what he did, just like I will never vote for Donald Trump, I will never forgive Tucker about Jan. 6,” Rivera said.

Rivera said the network’s recent multimillion-dollar legal settlements have led to an “atmosphere of fear” on the network, and that the financial impact will affect both shareholders and, through possible layoffs, the lower level press staff. “High level journalists [will be] fine,” he said.

Rivera parted ways with Fox News last month after more than two decades. He first said at the time that he was leaving his perch at The five voluntarily (“That’s what we all say,” See co-host Joy Behar joked Today), but later admitted he was fired from the popular show.

Today, Rivera offered more details, noting that a “toxic relationship” with one of The fiveled to his dismissal and that the discord had become increasingly personal. “I thought it was very unfair that in our arguments he was always favored.” Rivera said her appearances on the show began to dwindle, sometimes being canceled on the day of airing.

He said Fox News offered to find him a spot on another show, but he replied, “If you kick me out of show #1, then I’m going to quit.”

Ask by See co-host Sunny Hostin why Fox couldn’t have built a new show around him, Rivera said, “My ideology doesn’t match Fox. They always kind of rushed me.

Rivera has defended his longtime friendly relationship with Donald Trump, saying the two “came” to New York together in the 1970s and that Rivera’s stint as a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice — which aired shortly before Trump announced his presidential bid — provided “tremendous access” to Trump “even though he knew I hadn’t voted for him.

“What happened to him is that he lost the [re]election and went crazy,” Rivera said, to which Behar replied, “He was crazy before that.

“He was always nice to me,” Rivera said.

“Did he know you were Puerto Rican?” “Launched Hostin?

At one point, Rivera said, “I have sworn to myself that I will devote all the energy I have left in this profession to ensuring that he is never re-elected president.” Trump, he said, “incited a riot, he encouraged people to go in there and ruin their lives.”

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