Friends and family remember 15-year-old boy killed in shooting at New Castle graduation party

Friends and family of a 15-year-old boy who was shot and killed in New Castle staged a balloon release in his honor at the spot where he was killed, just hours after the shots were fired.

Damian Jackson and two other teenagers were shot early Saturday morning. Jackson was taken to an Allegheny County hospital where he later died.

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Jackson’s mother said her son was very family-oriented and loved his four brothers and his sister.

“He’s a really good friend,” said Marc Robinson, who knew Jackson. “That’s what I have to say. He’s a good friend. Helping me and everything when he and my brother are having fun. He’s a good friend.

Police said the teenager was at a graduation party at Bollinger Playground to celebrate with friends.

“They were just having fun,” Robinson said. “It’s graduation. It’s soon the summer. »

Robinson, 12, said he was outside his aunt’s house across the street when gunshots rang out.

“I just heard the gunshots, and I just walked into the house because they sounded like [they were] right next to the house,” he said. “I remember my mom telling me, ‘When you hear gunshots, go somewhere safe.'”

Robinson said his older brother was at that graduation party and wanted to go but didn’t. He’s grateful his brother wasn’t hurt, adding that the seemingly endless gun violence makes him want to stay inside.

“It’s just scary,” Robinson said. “Maybe I could get shot. I’m just a little scared.”

The stepmother of the other boy who was shot told Channel 11 he was 13 and had been shot in the shoulder. He is now recovering.

As for the other teenager who was shot, there is no update on his condition, but at last check he was still in hospital.

The police chief said the shooting is still under investigation and would not say if they have a suspect.

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