David Tepper, owner of NFL’s Panthers, fires his MLS Charlotte Football Club coach

David Tepper owns the Carolina Panthers and that’s what he’s best known for in the sporting world. But that’s not the only team he owns, and not the only team he’s bringing the same impulsive management style to.

Tepper, who has gone through Panthers quarterbacks and coaches at a rapid pace with no success, fired his Major League Soccer coach on Wednesday. Charlotte FC, which Tepper owns, announced it was parting ways with coach Christian Lattanzio.

Lattanzio didn’t get very long. Charlotte FC was an expansion team that began play in 2022. This past season, Charlotte won 10 with 11 losses and 13 draws, finishing ninth of 15 teams in the Eastern Conference. Charlotte made the playoffs and lost to the New York Red Bulls in the first round. It finished ninth in 2022 as well. That’s not too bad for an expansion team.

It wasn’t good enough for Tepper. Assistant coach Andy Quy was also let go. Whoever Charlotte hires will be the third coach in the team’s brief history.

For Panthers fans, the quick firings and criticisms over how Charlotte FC is run should sound familiar. Since Tepper bought the Panthers in 2018 he has had five coaches in six seasons, counting interims. He has fired two coaches, Ron Rivera and Matt Rhule, during the season. This season, Bryce Young will be the sixth different quarterback to lead the Panthers in passing yards during Tepper’s six seasons. The team traded a fortune to go draft Young, and that looks like a questionable move given all the team gave up to get him.

The Panthers would have been much better off being a little more patient, but that’s not Tepper’s style.

David Tepper owns the NFL's Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte FC of Major League Soccer too. (Perry Knotts/Getty Images)

David Tepper owns the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte FC of Major League Soccer too. (Perry Knotts/Getty Images) (Perry Knotts via Getty Images)

Frank Reich, in his first season as Panthers coach, openly discussed Tepper as a hands-on owner who he has “challenging” conversations with.

The Panthers have posted a losing record every season since Tepper bought the team. This season the Panthers are 1-7, and Reich can’t feel too comfortable given Tepper’s history, not just with the Panthers but now Charlotte FC too.

At least Charlotte FC fans know that Tepper is just as impatient with that team as he is with the Panthers.

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