Country star Jimmie Allen charged with sexual assault in second trial

jimmy allen

jimmy allen

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Country singer Jimmie Allen has faced trial accusing him of sexual abuse for the second time in weeks.

In a complaint filed Friday in federal court in Tennessee, a woman known as Jane Doe 2 alleged that Allen, 37, sexually assaulted her in July 2022 and secretly filmed their encounter without her consent. She is suing Allen for battery, assault, invasion of privacy and willful infliction of emotional distress.

The lawsuit comes less than a month after a former member of Allen’s management team filed a lawsuit accusing him of rape, sexual abuse and harassment. Allen denied these allegations.

Allen’s attorney did not immediately respond to EW’s request for comment regarding the second trial.

In the new lawsuit, which EW reviewed, Jane Doe 2 alleges she didn’t know who Allen was when they first met on a plane to Nashville in May 2022. After she and Allen struck up a conversation , the suit says, Allen’s bodyguard got her phone number in the singer’s name, and she and her friends then met Allen for “a fun night on the town.”

Over the next two months, the plaintiff alleges, she and Allen began communicating daily via text and FaceTime, and he “expressed his love for her and told her he could see a future together.” Jane Doe 2 maintains that she “repeatedly inquired about Allen’s wife, but Allen assured her that he and his wife were estranged.” (Allen and his wife, Alexis, filed for divorce in April 2023 after nearly three years of marriage.)

According to the lawsuit, Jane Doe 2 and Allen then met in Las Vegas, where she felt “comfortable and safe” in her hotel room because she was told she would have her own room and because Allen’s bodyguard, Charles Hurd, was there. (The lawsuit also names Hurd and the company that employed him as defendants.)

While the complainant says she “voluntarily joined Allen in the bedroom”, she maintains that she did not agree to have sex without a condom and repeatedly told him to pull out before to ejaculate, but he wouldn’t. She also claims she was unaware their meeting was being recorded until Allen passed out and moved to leave the hotel room, at which point she allegedly noticed his phone laptop was filming them from the closet.

According to Jane Doe 2, she attempted to delete the video, took Allen’s phone, gave it to local police when she got home, and made a police report.

Jane Doe 2 attorney Elizabeth Fegan is also representing Allen’s former manager, known as Jane Doe, in her lawsuit. Fegan said in a statement provided to EW on Friday, “Since Jane Doe filed her case last month, we’ve heard from other people sharing similar experiences. The Jane Doe 2 case shows me there’s a pattern of lively and distinct demeanor. We intend to show that this is a pattern of deception, manipulation and ultimately strength.”

She added: “The law is clear – anyone who has given consent to sexual activity has the right and the ability to revoke their consent at any time. Just as no means no, stop means stop. If a participant does not s don’t stop, it’s sexual assault.”

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