Chris Wallace quickly dampens RNC chairman concerns over Biden vacation

CNN’s Chris Wallace asked Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel about her criticism of President Joe Biden’s “holiday” time since his administration began in 2021.

Wallace, in an interview aired on Friday, asked the RNC chairman if former President Donald Trump had a “winning” strategy. with his insistence he ‘won’ the 2020 election.

McDaniel, who once called out “irregularities” with the 2020 election, turned to concerns about inflation before taking aim at how Biden is spending some of his time away from the White House.

“Go grocery shopping – I don’t know if Joe Biden went grocery shopping because he spent 40% of his presidency on vacation,” McDaniel said, citing numbers the RNC used to criticize the president to “reward himself”. earlier this year.

Wallace fired back at McDaniel for his remarks as he cited his time covering for Ronald Reagan.

“No president is ever on vacation. Work travels with him,” Wallace said before evoking one of Trump’s hobbies he has participated in hundreds of times as president.

“And, you know… if we’re going to play golf, I think Donald Trump has it.”

Trump golfed at his properties at least 289 times during his presidency to the tune of a “tab” that cost $151.5 million, according to a HuffPost analysis in December 2020.

McDaniel then asked Wallace if he thought Biden “should skip a vacation” before the host returned to Trump to protest his 2020 election defeat.

“Let me ask you this, Chris. Don’t you think he should maybe skip a vacation once in a while and say, how do I right this ship? He is not. Maybe don’t go to the beach, Joe! Maybe…” McDaniel said.

“I think that would have been a much better response for Donald Trump than saying ‘I won in 2020,'” Wallace replied.

(H/T Mediaite)


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