Chaotic brawl breaks out after exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III canceled

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s last exhibition fight, this time against John Gotti III, didn’t go well. (Joe Camporeale/USA Today)

Floyd Mayweather was back in the ring on Sunday night, but it didn’t go well for anyone at the FLA Live Arena.

Chaos erupted amid the exhibition bout between Mayweather and John Gotti III. After he was called off in the sixth round, people from both fighting camps and even the crowd flooded the ring and started fighting.

Things got out of control, quickly, and Mayweather quickly left the ring to get out of there.

The fight was chaotic from the start. The start was briefly delayed after both sides hit it off early, and Mayweather clearly played with Gotti throughout.

Gotti complained frequently and was called for holding out late in the fifth round. He complained to referee Kenny Bayless about being hit in the back of the head at one point and even threw Mayweather into an illegal hold.

So moments into round six, when things hadn’t changed, Bayless simply called off the fight. But Gotti didn’t have it.

Gotti ran around Bayless and tried to keep fighting Mayweather, which is when everyone swarmed the ring to get involved. There were also fights in the crowd outside the ring. Things just didn’t go well.

Gotti, 30, held a record of 5-1 in MMA and 2-0 as a professional boxer. He beat Alex Citrowske earlier this year in his last professional fight. Gotti is the grandson of notorious former New York mob boss John Gotti.

Mayweather officially retired from boxing in 2017 with an undefeated record, although he has been competing in exhibition bouts ever since. He even faced YouTuber Logan Paul in a fight in 2021.

Sunday’s fight with Gotti marked the seventh Mayweather has done since retiring. It was however by far the worst organized.

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