Britney Spears had Sam Asghari sign ‘ironclad’ prenup: Here’s what that means

Britney Spears’s “ironclad” prenup reportedly leaves Sam Asghari “with nothing” — so that’s why his divorce filing is so interesting.

“[Sam] has yet to determine the full nature and extent of the separate property assets and obligations of each party,” he stated in the document. “There are various items of community and quasi-community assets and debts, the full nature and extent of which are unknown to [Sam] at this time.”

What does this mean, exactly?

Some have speculated Asghari is trying to push for a financial settlement since he won’t receive money as they were not even married two years. Celebrity divorce attorney Chris Melcher tells Yahoo Entertainment it’s actually a common tactic.

“Oftentimes a spouse will ask for more than what is provided under the prenup to see if the other side bites,” he explains. “Even without a premarital agreement, Sam would not have received much from Britney because they were only married for 13 months when they separated. This should settle quietly and quickly.”

Quietly is reportedly the key word for Camp Spears.

TMZ, which first reported the news of the couple’s split, claims there might still be a financial settlement at play.

“Sam has A LOT of first-hand knowledge about Britney, their relationship, their arguments, her challenges, etc., and if there’s even a possibility any of that might become public, Britney will gladly pay Sam for peace of mind,” the outlet alleged.

A rep for Asghari denied reports that the model threatened to release embarrassing information about Spears should he not get a hefty sum.

“There are many claims that Sam is challenging the prenup and threatening to exploit his ex-wife with videos. However, all these claims are false, as no negative intention has ever been directed towards her and never will be. Sam has always and will always support her,” his manager Brandon Cohen told Yahoo.

Prior to their star-studded wedding last June, Asghari joked about how he would sign a prenup.

“Thank you to everyone who is concerned about the prenup. Of course, we’re getting an ironclad prenup to protect my Jeep and shoe collection in case she dumps me one day,” he wrote on his Instagram story with two crying-laughing emojis.

Asghari will get to keep any gifts Spears gave him during their marriage, cars… but that’s about it. Her estimated $60 million fortune is well protected. The prenup also comes with a confidentiality clause.

The “Toxic” singer apparently isn’t getting too down over the divorce. A source told People she’s “in great spirits despite everything going on.”

“Obviously it’s never an easy thing to go through, but she’s remaining positive and focusing on the future,” a Spears insider added.

Spears has yet to address the divorce directly. It’s Asghari who first publicly commented on the news in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

“After 6 years of love and commitment to each other my wife and I have decided to end our journey together. We will hold onto the love and respect we have for each other and I wish her the best always,” he shared, adding: “Shit happens.”

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