Bodycam footage shows a Colorado police officer punching a handcuffed woman in the face

A Colorado police officer has been fired over body camera footage that captures the moment he punched a handcuffed woman directly in the face.

Loveland Police Chief Tim Doran released clips on Friday showing Russell Maranto and his colleagues escorting Angelia Hall to a hospital room on May 20. She was taken into custody and taken to the Medical Center of the Rockies for evaluation after she was seen “wandering in and out of traffic and speaking incoherently,” police said.

Once at the hospital, Hall was escorted to an examination room, where she was verbally abusive towards officers and medical professionals before spitting on one of the nurses. She spits again shortly after, this time in the center of Maranto’s chest. He immediately responds by rolling up and punching her in the face, the video shows.

According to Loveland Police, Maranto “responded with the inappropriate use of force by punching the woman in the face, causing minor facial injuries.”

While Hall has been charged with third-degree assault, a class 1 misdemeanor, the district attorney’s office has yet to make a decision regarding possible criminal charges against Maranto, according to a police news release. . He was initially placed on administrative leave following the confrontation and fired a few days later.

Doran said he released the video in the “spirit of transparency” and stressed that the incident is not a reflection on those who serve the Loveland Police Department. He also encouraged residents to watch the full video, which begins with an officer “offering a simple courtesy return to a woman who knew where she lived.”

Doran also praised the other officers at the scene for their patience and for immediately separating Maranto from Hall.

“Officers were verbally harassed with excessive profanity, periodic racial slurs, and demonstrated prolonged professionalism and patience,” Doran noted. “Our police department is filled with brave, respectful and honorable officers, and we all agree that inappropriate conduct will never be tolerated or minimized by your department.”

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