Biden Audience Laughs As He Mocks Lauren Boebert, Tommy Tuberville

President Joe Biden on Wednesday again mocked Republican lawmakers for taking credit for projects when they voted against the bills that provided the funding.

Biden took aim at Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) as he promoted his administration’s clean energy initiatives at an event in New Mexico.

The president mentioned the expansion of the CS Wind turbine tower manufacturing facility in Pueblo, Colorado.

“Coincidentally, CS Wind is Congresswoman Lauren Boebert — y’know, the very quiet Republican lady? — it’s in her district,” he pointed out as the audience laughed. “Who, along with every other Republican, voted against this bill.”

Biden said she “railed against” the bill but now welcomes it.

“That’s OK,” he said. “When I ran for office, I promised to be president for all Americans. Whether you live in a blue state or a red state, I’m going to keep my promise.

Biden referred to Tuberville ― who is currently blocking U.S. military promotions to protest abortion policy ― as the “distinguished senator from the state of Alabama, who used to be a pretty good football coach.”

Like Boebert, Tuberville was against the bill.

“Then I noticed he had a big announcement: ‘Alabama’s going to get 1 billion, 200 million dollars …’ and I thought, ‘Wait a minute! Didn’t he rail against that for a long, long time?”

Indeed he did, as Tuberville voted against the bill that included the money for the broadband expansion he touted, then celebrated it in a big announcement.

“I was inclined to go down and help him celebrate, but I decided not to,” Biden said to more laughs from his audience.

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