‘Barbie’ Glams Up Summer With $150M+ Opening, ‘Oppenheimer’ Excites $75M+ – Box Office Update

Friday midday : Warner Bros.’ Barbie look at $68M-70M today, including last night’s previews, for what’s shaping up to be the best opening of the year with $150 million in 4,243 cinemas. That would beat the 3 days of Super Mario Bros.‘ $146.3 million. Some rivals are seeing higher, between $165 and $170 million, but it’s still early days and everyone is excited. Remember that female-biased movies are very front-loaded (remember a movie called Dusk?).

Universal Oppenheimer certainly doesn’t get any crumbs: he’s headed for $32M today, including previews, and a $75 million 3 days in 3,610 cinemas. It is higher than Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fatestarts at $60.3 million. Wow.

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Do your math, the two titles alone fuel $225 million this weekend.

So far, Paramount Mission: Impossible – Estimated despite the loss of Imax, does not take a terrible hit, -54% on weekend 2 with $25 million with a cumulative total of $124.2 million. Friday looks like $6.6 million.

angel studios The sound of freedom at 3,285 is also resilient with an incredible $20 million-26%, weekend 3 and cumulative total of $124.4M. by Disney Indiana Jones and the dial of fate is fifth with an estimated fourth weekend of $7 million-43% and running cume by Sunday from $159.3M.

UPDATE after exclusive Thursday: Warner Bros has formalized Barbie collected the best glimpses of not just this summer but all of 2023 with $22.3Mwhat is the best Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3is $17.5 million. It’s a big weekend for Zaslav’s house following the flash stumbling last month. All eyes are on the Warner Bros Discovery stock price which, as of today, is around $13.02 (-0.7%).

Meanwhile, Universal says Oppenheimer did $10.5M in 3,150 rooms.

Barbie cash includes the $1.1M starting with Wednesday previews in 500 locations. Even if you take them off, on Thursday $21.2M are still the best of 2023. In total, Thursday previews have been booked in 3,400 locations.

We said from the start that Barbie was ahead of Diseny The little Mermaid in presales – well, it’s double what the fish brought in at $10.3 million (which translates to $96 million over 3 days). Early Rotten Tomatoes audience scores show 90% for Barbie and 94% for Oppenheimer. Early PostTrak rated 4½ stars for Barbie and a definite recommendation of 79%. 82% were intended for the general public, with 11% for children under 12 and 7% for parents. A huge 71% female. Roughly, it’s 30% women over 25, 41% women under 25, 14% men over 25 and 16% men under 25. Children under 12 gave the same rating, with 88% of girls under 12 giving a peak of 92%. The Boxoffice Company also notes a higher rate of tickets per transaction – with some theater chains reporting an average of three tickets per purchase for Barbie — which they wouldn’t normally see for a comedy, indicating healthy group sales.

OppenheimerThe raw preview, as we told you last night, is of the order of superhero movies and blockbusters like This chapter two which also posted a Thursday of $10.5 million from times that started at 5 p.m., a Friday of $37 million and ended up making an opening of $91 million. However, the preview calculations are not dollar-for-dollar in the 3-day projections. nobody sees Oppenheimer seeking warmth beyond that threshold, with compositions currently tied to older guy stuff like John Wick: Chapter 4 ($8.9M, $29.4M Friday, $73.8M 3-day). However, since last night we cannot call Oppenheimer older guy, as the 18-34 year old moviegoer crowd showed up at 66% for the 3 hour pic.

It earned five stars from moviegoers on Thursday night for the ensemble picture directed by Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr, Florence Pugh and Josh Hartnett. The guys dominated the set at 65%. There were 40% men over 25, 24% men under 25, 19% women over 25 and 16% women under 25.

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As we told you, Oppenheimer is ahead of the $5.5 million previews of Dunkirk, and duly note that the PLF footprint is larger now than it was in 2017.

Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise in

Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise in “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One”

How is last week’s champion Mission: Impossible – Estimated part one do in the midst of Barbenheimer’s box office atomic bomb? Well, the nine-day gross of the photo is estimated to be around $99.2 million in 4,327 cinemas. Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fatethe nine days of totaled $113.5 million. Note that India launched on a Friday, while Assignment was a Wednesday. Cruise’s sequel will retain some PLFs this weekend but will put Imax back to Oppenheimer, who will own them for three weeks. Once again, it’s all about the stranger for cruise photography; the feature costs around the same $300 million as India. If Cruise can drop 50% ($27.3 million) against Barbenheimer in weekend two, that’s amazing. However, losing the big screens puts the odds in his favor. Mission: Impossible – Fall launched at the end of July 2018 and enjoyed a second weekend down only 42%.

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Jim Caviezel in "Sound of Freedom"

Jim Caviezel in “Sound of Freedom”

Early AM estimates show The sound of freedom winner on thursday Dead Reckoning, $3.6M (-23% compared to Wednesday) at $3.4M (-27%) and that’s out of Comscore’s pure estimates (which excludes Jim Caviezel’s movie crowdfunding juice). The sound of freedomthe running total is $104.5 million in week 2. dial of fate was third Thursday with $1.36M-14% from Wednesday for a third week of $18.9M, cumulative total of $152.3M. Sony/Blumhouse Insidious: The Red Door ends week 2 with $19.4M and cumulative total of $64.4M. Thursday was $1.2m at 3,188, -21% from Wednesday. Disney/Pixar Elementary booked at 3,235 ends week 5 with $14.8M, a running total of $131.4M and a Thursday of $1.16M, -16%.

PREVIOUS EXCLUSIVE: The box office event of the year that attracts mass women from Warner Bros., Barbie, and Universal’s Christopher Nolan directed, Oppenheimer, officially fired its confetti guns with the movies respectively seeing an estimate $20 million And $9M+ of their premieres. Again, these numbers could fluctuate between now and the morning.

Even if Barbie falls short of $20 million, it is bound to release the best previews of this summer; by Disney Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 having grossed $17.5 million on Thursday night (which included $400,000 Imax showings on Wednesday). The Greta Gerwig-directed feature film about the Mattel doll has previews that will include Wednesday’s “Barbie Blowout Parties” at 500 locations as well as show money that started tonight at 3,400 locations at 3 p.m.

The R-rated 3 hours Oppenheimer sessions began at 5 p.m. today. Barbie will play in 4,200 theaters by Friday, while Oppenheimer, juice by Imax, will have 3,600 screens.

To say the projections are bullish is an understatement. Barbie pre-sales are the best the industry has seen since Avatar: The Way of the Water according to the Box Office Company, his rivals are confident the film will make between $100 million and $130 million. same for me Oppenheimer tip the balance beyond $50 million and above; in total, the third time this year, the entire weekend is expected to total around $200 million for all movies. Critics love both films with Barbie at 89% certified fresh and Oppenheimer at 93% certified fresh.

Sizing Barbie: This preview figure is bigger than other female biased photos like The beauty and the Beast ($16.3M Thursday, $63.7M Friday and $174.7M over 3 days), nearly hunger games ($19.7M Thursday, $67.2M Friday and $152.5M over 3 days), and below 2009 Twilight Saga: New Moon ($26.3M on Thursday, $72.7M on Friday and $142.8M on 3 days.

Oppenheimer decimates Nolan previews Dunkirk‘s ($5.5M Thursday, $19.7M Friday, $50.5M 3-day), and is close to fanboy movies like Doctor Strange, Eternals, Logan And Shang Chi. As a very talkative adult drama, Oppenheimer breaks the mold when it comes to comps. Dunkirk was not frontloaded, its Thursday accounting for 28% of Friday. The return Thursday and Friday brought in $14.2 million, with Saturday up 23% with $17.5 million. The question is whether Oppenheimer goes the way of a fanboy movie, like the R-rated Logan which at 2:17 a.m. had a $9.5 million Thursday, $33 million Friday, and $88.4 million day. A fun weekend is in store.

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