Bachelor Nation’s Gabby Windey Gets Candid on Sex Life With Girlfriend

Gabby Windey‘s relationship with girlfriend Robby Hoffman is continuing to blossom.

The Bachelorette alum, who shared her coming out journey in August, got candid on her sex life with Robby, noting that she’s since gotten more comfortable with intimacy.

“I feel safer with a woman,” Gabby said on the Aug. 30 episode of the Just B podcast. “I feel less judged. There’s nothing off limits. If I have a question, I’m going to ask, before, after, during. We will debrief on our sex life. It feels very safe.”

She contrasted the experience to her past relationships with men, adding that her sex life was impacted by communication barriers.

“Whereas as a man, I felt like there was sometimes unrealistic expectations,” she continued. “I felt like there was unsaid expectations. We weren’t as open about it. We weren’t speaking the same language. I didn’t feel as connected.”

Now, having the comfort to openly talk about her sex life has been a game changer for Gabby.

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