All eyes on Georgia as grand jury returns indictments

A grand jury that heard evidence about former President Donald Trump’s bid to subvert Georgia’s election in 2020 returned 10 indictments Monday, according to a photo of the cover sheet turned in by court officials.

The indictments were expected to be unsealed Monday night, but no details about who was charged or for what alleged crimes was available deep into the evening. It was not clear if all 10 indictments pertained to the Trump investigation.

Still, a parade of witnesses — including former Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan — traversed the Fulton County superior courthouse on Monday as expectations for a new wave of charges against Trump built throughout the day. Earlier in the day, Trump criticized Duncan and urged him not to appear before the grand jury.

Though the precise range of charges and defendants is not clear, Trump is widely expected to be at the center of the criminal case, which could include sprawling racketeering allegations.

Willis’ investigation has been years in the making. She empaneled a “special grand jury” in early 2022 — a quirk of Georgia law that permits prosecutors to pursue complex, focused investigations that don’t fit within the bounds of the traditional grand jury process. Though that panel spent months hauling in some of Trump’s top aides and allies, it had no power to issue indictments. Willis had to take the evidence it amassed and present it to a traditional grand jury in order to secure criminal charges.

An indictment of Trump would be the fourth criminal case against him since March. He faces charges in Manhattan for allegedly falsifying business records to cover up an affair with a porn star; federal charges in Florida from special counsel Jack Smith for hoarding classified military secrets at his Mar-a-Lago estate; and federal charges in Washington, D.C., also from Smith’s team, for his election scheme.

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